Sunnies or Nerdies? Why not both?


Who doesn’t love to look stylish?
No matter what clothes we have, with labels or without labels, one always manages to mix and match stuff and pull off a stylish look.

But how would you manage to do when the sun is on its mission to attack you with the UV rays?
Eyewear is always an option to add that glamor to your look.
Not only the skin but also the eyes need protection against the UV rays.


Grab those sunglasses and make the sun doubt its abilities to affect your eyes as it never fails to make you doubt yours.

Coming to the indoors, nerd glasses always come in handy when you want to look chic.
I assembled the look with the sunglasses and nerd glasses by pairing them up with an adorable pink shirt dress with a pink Hijab stole.


The flattering handbag and the lavie sandals in pink together complimented the look so well.

And oh, don’t forget to add an extra ounce of confidence as you carry the look.
During winters, layer the look with a long cape for an even more modest look.