Pastel colored Casual wear with a spice of red. 


There are occasions when you don’t want all the limelight to yourself or you tend to grab the unwanted attraction by wearing dark shades that do not go with the event. There come the soft-hued colors to the rescue.

 Women can be outgoing or sensitive, tough or fragile. I believe that pastel colors were invented to unveil a woman’s grace and how she manages to look delicate even when she’s a fighter from within.      

 So, I have made an attempt to help you sync the pastel colors and create a college or office going look.       

             To start with, I’m wearing a fawn-colored top which I bought from 
I paired it with black trousers that match with my sling bag. 

And since I prefer covering my head, I used a head cap under a chiffon scarf in a shade that’s darker than my top. 

Painted the lips with a color that matches with my heels.

Also, you can change the lip shade to deep shades of red or brown.

I picked a fawn coloured top. Comment below, What would your pick be, this summer? 

Much Love! 

– Safoora. 💋